A security product can provide a false sense of security if the implementation and administration are performed incorrectly. So the need for well-trained engineers is a priority in the ever-changing security industry. Sharper Technology is committed to providing thorough and comprehensive training to security engineers. Sharper Technology training equips engineers with the knowledge and expertise required to accurately and professionally deploy and support your chosen security solutions.

Your company’s networks and information requires knowledge, skill, experience and a well-trained staff. Sharper Technology offers security courses that teach security professionals how to design, install, and troubleshoot a select range of best-of-breed security products. Like our company, training is focused on security, so you get high quality classes taught by professionals working in the field.

All of Sharper Technology’s training courses are real world focused, with lots of hands-on work with the software and hardware being taught. The certified instructors aren’t just superb trainers, they also have years of experience in actually designing, installing, and troubleshooting the subjects being taught, adding their own insights to the class.

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