Professional Services

At Sharper Technology, our services are designed specifically to help our clients leverage their technology investments to meet mission-critical business needs. Our security engineers hold various vendor and industry certifications (including CISSP), and have extensive experience in multiple environments and business disciplines. This comprehensive knowledge and experience allows for accurate assessments of security policies, risks and vulnerabilities, and aids in the design and implementation of any remediation or implementation projects for your company. As part of our complete security services for your company, we also offer support, license management and security training.

Sharper Technology security engineers are available via:

  • Scheduled projects (engagement scoping is free of charge)
  • Short-term tasks
  • “Block of Time” labor purchases
  • 24×7 emergency call out

Design and Implementation

Securing a network requires maintaining a high level of network security and a continuous cycle of efforts consisting of three main phases:

  • Planning a security policy that defines the security goals of the enterprise.
  • Implementing network security technologies in a comprehensive and layered approach so the enterprise does not rely only on one type of technology to solve all security issues.
  • Assessing the network security on a regular basis to ensure that the security policy is being enforced appropriately and ensuring that no irregularities have developed as the network evolves.

Security Assessments

Protecting business-critical assets and information has been elevated to a Board-Level priority. Business and Government have focused extraordinary resources on defending against security breaches. Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, small and medium businesses, state and local government and even individuals are at risk.


A security product can provide a false sense of security if the implementation and administration are performed incorrectly. So the need for well-trained engineers is a priority in the ever-changing security industry. Sharper Technology is committed to providing thorough and comprehensive training to security engineers. Sharper Technology training equips engineers with the knowledge and expertise required to accurately and professionally deploy and support your chosen security solutions.